October 30, 2018 Shak

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Client search engine optimization SEO results over the past three months (impressions is number of times your URL has appeared in a search)

July Impressions 35k
August Impressions 46k
September impressions 61k

With a click thru rate of between 1-2%, you can see how this clients SEO has almost doubled the traffic to his site

SEO is often perceived as some kind of mysterious process where the forces of the underworld are summoned to get you ranked on Google. Let me assure you there are no dark arts involved just a load of hard work and a basic understanding that content on your site needs to be aimed at Google as well as your target market.

So get the following right and you too can build traffic/leads to your site

1. Keyword research
2. On Page Optimisation
3. Regular addition of SEO optimized content
4. Build back links

If you want help driving traffic and leads and potential sales to your site contact us at www.ecommgarage.com

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