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Video Marketing

Video Marketing Works!

It doesn’t matter what article you’re looking at, which statistics or infographics you find, it’s plainly obvious that a majority of companies are taking a massive turn towards video marketing.

As 63% of businesses are already proving, video marketing ie using short videos to advertise, promote and explain their products and services – to a generation of smartphone wielding consumers – is a successful way of increasing sales and conversion rates. With access to video becoming easier, why would we want to read about a product when we can see it in action? Take a look at Kickstarter or Indiegogo where you’ll see the successful pages all have a video right at the top of the page; explaining what the product is, what it does and why you need one.

79% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service than read text on a page

Thanks to the internet we absorb information faster and more efficiently which has changed the way we think about advertising. Video is a unique resource in that we are able to process so many aspects visually at the same time, making video marketing a very powerful tool.

We are happy to announce that EcommGarage has partnered with Fireseed Films www.fireseedfilms.com to provide you with the all the necessary tools and advice you may need to take your first steps in making videos about your products, services or even producing live testimonials for your website

Fireseed Films are experts in promoting businesses through the art of video production and believe that the key to an outstanding video lies in creativity and communication. They can offer a bespoke package to each client meaning no two films are ever the same and continually work with you to produce the best possible video for your business that reflects your values, ethos and vision.

They are passionate about video and can provide you with an outstanding service tailor made to meet your needs.

Contact Rebekah Nangle mb 07852 299294 em : rebekah@fireseedfilms.com

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